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Fasional Magnetic Hover Speakers

2017/6/18 21:52:15

BONIDA Magnetic Hovering Bluetooth Speaker, with a strong sense of science and technology, and the market compared to the Bluetooth speakers, a more scientific and fashionable atmosphere. Is the pursuit of fashion personality of the music lovers on the desk of the necessary weapon! Floating side of the rotation while playing music, which is my first use of magnetic levitation technology and music player the perfect combination of cool and stylish appearance coupled with shocking sound quality, absolutely let you shines, can not wait to have a feeling magnetic levitation technology products The magic charm.

Compared with the ordinary Bluetooth speakers on the market, NKC Bluetooth speakers may be big show, because when you play your favorite music, it can float in the air and rotate. Is to build a market through the fullness of science-filled features. And the sound quality is pure three-dimensional, pre-amplifier design more sense of the scene. As the speaker suspended in the air and the desktop out of contact, making the sound more ethereal, the ball within the cone design can produce 360-degree surround sound.

Magnetic levitation sound from a base and suspended on the ball speaker composition, thanks to the base of the magnetic force, the ball speaker can be gently rotated. Round base with a spherical suspension of the main body has a very stylish decorative effect, with the lower part of the blue light can create a science fiction style full environment. You can put the ball as a portable speaker, travel to carry, anytime, anywhere to enjoy music. Or let it hang on the base to play music. It also has a built-in microphone that can be used for calls. The life of this speaker up to 5 hours, even if there is no cool maglev, it is enough to make people impressive.

Bonida Magnetic suspension sound is committed to creating a creative sound zero loss of the magnetic levitation Bluetooth audio system, with wireless transmission and Bluetooth technology to allow magnetic levitation sound received more people sought after, this speaker beautiful fashion, full sense of science and technology, superior sound, easy to operate